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Digital and patient centred innovation in healthcare: Science fiction or tomorrow’s reality?


TOPICS: For several years, we’ve been hearing that the future of health is expected to be related to diagnostic on mobile phone, home monitoring for e-health and telemedicine, as well as a totally new organization of health system with digital services. Is it science fiction or tomorrow’s reality?

KEY SPEAKERS : Colm CARROLL Scientific Project Manager (Innovative Medicines Initiative), Christophe AMIEL Senior Director (Voisin Consulting Life Sciences), Géraldine ANDRIEUX GUSTIN CEO (BLUMORPHO) and Régis HAMELIN Gateone-project Scientific Coordinator (BLUMORPHO)

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Energy management, one of the key challenges for IoT and connected devices.

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TOPICS : Market trends in IoT – New product development approach – Key energy and power management Technologies to adopt to make the difference – Accessible funding – How to benefit from Gateone innovation support ?

KEY SPEAKERS : Guillaume GIRARDIN Market analyst (Yole Développement), Géraldine ANDRIEUX GUSTIN CEO (BLUMORPHO) and Régis HAMELIN Gateone-project Scientific Coordinator (BLUMORPHO)

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