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Jump into the Factory of the Future with Smart Shoes


The factory of the future is not only about robots : workers will also need to be connected in order to increase levels of quality, reactivity and product innovation.

With an average of 7 km per day with rigid security shoes, workers suffer pain in feet, knee and backbone. Demography also shows that Europe needs to be more concerned about older workers health with ergonomic and adapted solutions.

R’cup, has a double value proposition, the French SME wants to improve the workers comfort while integrating the human being into the connected Manufacturing.

The vision is to propose 3D printed morphologic and individualized smart insoles that will limit back pain and give a better comfort to workers. The combination of a morphologic insole with the potential of internet of things will decrease physical and cognitive fatigue while connecting the worker in its environment improving safety and productivity.

Energy management is one the biggest technical challenge in Rcup project, to be successful in the professional area, devices must be integrated into security equipment, such as shoes and they must provide benefit without the pain of charging or rebooting…. The solution is a 3D printed insole which only uses the kinetic moves to create the necessary power for the device to measure and transmit. In a holistic approach, CEA LETI has designed an energy harvester module and the low-power electronic architecture that will enable the various measurement features of a future product.


The gateone-project performed the appropriate matchmaking between the SME need and the technology resource and created of framework of partnership between R’Cup and LETI that would not have been possible otherwise. R’cup brought the business vision and market expression of need and LETI brought the expertise in connected device and power management. The partnership with LETI has enabled a risk release on the first version of a battery free connected insole produced from the 3D printing competency of the SME. The Innovation action has enabled a proof of concept that has been designed in the lab, for the fab!



One of the strong impact is that this solution will be tested in the field with a world class leader industrial in the field of compressed gas. For the end customer it will bring value in health and security, and will deliver an impact in quality and productivity by augmented-lean manufacturing! The use case will be to gather contextualized facts about workers activity to optimize and prioritize modernization and to avoid any health or security issues. This demonstrator contributes to R’cup differentiation and business development. Thanks to the Smart Anything Everywhere initiative, the smart insole will soon make its “first step” into the real world

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