EU Innovation Radar prize: brain keeps on winning on Artificial Intelligence

BLUMORPHO innovation accelerator and CEA-LETI received the “Best Early Stage Innovation” prize for their new generation of MagnetoEncephaloGraphy (MEG).

Budapest, Hungary – 9th November 2017 – Every year, the famous European Commission’s Innovation Radar submits to the vote of European citizens a selection of EU-funded innovations in order to choose the one they find the more promising. 5 different categories are represented in the panel: Industrial & Enabling Tech, Excellent Science, Best Young SME, Tech for Society and Best Early Stage Innovation.

Among the 2017 finalists in the “Best Early Stage Innovation” category, the European Commission and the European citizens had identified innovations in artificial intelligence and an enabling technology from CEA-LETI for a new generation of MagnetoEncephaloGraphy (MEG).  This breakthrough technology in Brain imaging finally won the prize on Tuesday 9th November, during the ICT’s Proposers’ Day in Budapest.

The development of this innovation was performed in the framework of the Gateone-project, one of the first BLUMORPHO Factory’s innovation acceleration program. Thanks to this project, the technology research institute CEA-LETI developed the new quantum sensor that allows this real breakthrough in Brain Imaging and MagnetoEncephaloGraphy. Meanwhile, the European innovation accelerator BLUMORPHO build a complete value chain for this innovation to reach its market.


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