30 September 2017: gateone-project is running for the European Innovation Radar Prize 2017

Every year, the European Commission (EC) invites the European citizens to vote for a selection of innovations to choose the one they found the more promising.

Among the 2017 finalists, the EC has identified the MagnetoEncephaloGrapgy (MEG) developed by CEA LETI and BLUMORPHO. This new sensor, a compact Ultra-Low Noise Optically Pumped Magnetometer (ULNOPM) will cut the cost of the MEG by a factor of 5 for health organisations!

>> We need your vote to confirm the European Commission choice and make this disruptive innovation (developed within the Gateone project) win the European Innovation radar 2017! Vote on the European Innovation Radar website before October 15!

9 January 2017 : Gateone-project helps European industry

Blumorpho, an innovation and business accelerator for companies involved in smart technologies, today announces that its EU-backed gateone-project has overseen the fast-track development of 35 innovation projects since the three-year program began in 2015.
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8 July 2016: Breaking news … the largest European business enters into Smart Innovation

The largest European business is entering into Smart Innovation and digitization. More than 35 products addressing the digital and smart market are currently under validation for first market introduction by 2017.
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4 Nov. 2015: H2020 Info Day

Régis Hamelin will make a presentation of the 4 running Innovation Actions in the frame of Smart Anything Everywhere session on 1st December 2015.
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26 June 2015: A webinar powered by Gateone on June 12th

Paris, France – June 12th, 2015: Discover smart solutions to reach the right medecine to the right patient at the right time
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21 April 2015: A webinar powered by Gateone on April 28th, at 1:00 PM CEST

Paris, France – April 21st, 2015: Key experts sharing best practices to develop business in smart systems & connected devices
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10 February 2015: Launch of gateone project.

Lyon, France – February, 10, 2015: Gateone is a European project to equip SMEs with smart technologies and solutions to boost their innovation cycle. The official launch took place in Grenoble on January 23rd, 2015.
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