To engage into the gateone-project, a simple process is set-up

1. Contact the gateone team:

The first step to know more about the gateone innovation project is to contact us. This will allow both you and us to learn about each other and to work into the same direction.

2. Selection of an innovative demonstrator

A member of the team will guide you into a catalog of more than 200 product ideas to bring innovation to SMEs. The objective is to identify which concept or demonstrator fits with your need for innovation among the innovation network:
The gateone-project has set-up a catalog of more than 200 ideas of products to share ideas and illustrates how smart technologies and functions can be used in different applications. SME can select a specific technology and ask a specific adaptation to its needs.
Question: can I suggest my own use case ?
Answer: Yes. The gateone-project can adapt the available building blocks to a given use case as long as the demonstrator makes sense.

3. Technical discussion

A discussion takes place between the innovative technology holder and the SME to define what the demonstrator or prototype will be capable of: what do we want to demonstrate, what is the key function, what will be the performances, what will be the test conditions…
Question: How far will it be from a final product ?
Answer: This is a case by case situation and one of the objectives of the demonstrator evaluation is to measure the necessary effort to productization.

4. Validation of the business case

The gateone-project is an innovation service for SME. To lead to innovation a technology has to be part of a validated business case. The gateone-project is supporting SMEs to validate their business case, including market attractiveness, structuration of the industrial chain and unique value proposition.
Question: How do you evaluate or elaborate the business case ?
Answer: the business case is assessed through interviews between the SME and one market expert member of the gateone-project team. It takes into account all the relevant business aspects: time to market, market access, goto market strategy…

5. Decision to invest

The business case is great, a first demonstrator will reduce the risk of technology adoption: the gateone project makes a “Go to gate one” decision.
Question: which document should I fill in ?
Answer: a Memorandum of Understanding is signed between the technology holder and the SME. There is no paperwork in the process.

6. Production of the demonstrator by the selected technology holder

A visit of the technology holder to design the demonstrator to fit with the need of the SME will be organized. If the SME requires a specific collaboration in terms of IP ownership, it will be specifically discussed with the technology holder.
Question: How much will it cost ?
Answer: The gateone-project is a co investment program with a free innovation network: the SME does not pay for the design or fabrication of the demonstrator. The demonstrator development cost is an average amount of 50 000€.

7. Delivery of the demonstrator for testing phase

The demonstrator will be delivered to the SME for evaluation and the technology holder will bring a technical support. The demonstrator is sent back to the technology holder. The SME will provide feedback on the results obtained.
Question: What kind of test should I perform?
Answer: the co investment program of the demonstrator is defined early in the process (step 3) and this is part of the technical discussion.

8. Beyond the gateone-project

The gateone-project is a first milestone in the SME innovation cycle. SME can test new technologies and solutions without financial investment. If the test results fit with their expectations in terms of innovation, SME can then engage further collaborations with technology holders.
Question: is there any obligation to proceed with a development program?
Answer: there is no ties attached. The goal is that the SME has a better understanding of the technology capability.

9. European calls: H2020 Smart Anything Everywhere, SME instrument

SMEs participating to the gateone-project join a unique European network. They can apply to European calls in H2020, and also SME instrument calls. The gateone project is an entry point in European support for successful innovation in providing selected partners and validated business case.

How the gateone-project supports competitiveness for SME ?

        • Access to technology with no investment risk
        • Access to competencies from leading European research centers
        • Access to a unique innovation network for industrialization of the solution
        • Priority given to SMEs to get access to competitive technologies
        • Increase visibility in the European ecosystem in innovation
        • No investment risk
        • First step to prepare new EU project like SME instruments, H2020
        • Open call with continuous submission scheme to fit with SMEs needs