HyperVision 2

Vertical business: Building, Consumer, Defense and security, Industrial instrumentation and process control
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Gas Leaks detection and Visualisation

Hyperspectral imaging can detect gas leak and identify gas in homes or industrial environment by pointing a camera on the system to be monitored. We offer MEMS hyperspectral imaging or Piezo
hyperspectral imaging camera based on tunable filter in the visible region or near infrared. The offer
includes the Fabry-Perot tunable + the optics + the camera + the software to use the camera. The
application software to recognize and analyse the gas will have to be developed.


What it does
  • Delivers a chemical image of the environment
  • detects and visualise gas leaks

Benefit for users
  • Full Solution available: application specific software to be developed
  • Fast and reliable
  • Increased safety

  • Unique patented filtering concept
  • Standard cameras can be adapted

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