Discover the success stories of gateone-project

Sensium Healthcare

Monitoring Patients in an Emergency Room
When patients are admitted in hospital it is of the utmost importance to monitor their vital signs with acuity. Sensium invested to adjust their patch to the use of Microneedles and hired 12 patients to perform the tests. Read more…

BMG Labtech

Liquid phase measurements
This first version of the demonstrator works in the visible range and is currently under evaluation. It will be further explored in the UV range to address the market of DNA analysis. Read More…


Fiber-coupled thermal sensor
With the photonic packaging technology, greenTEG will target new markets with a widespread range of applications, most notably fiber-coupled laser systems with wavelengths in the mid-infrared range. Read more…

New Imaging Technologies


Deliver selective sensing to vision
The identification of plastic types or ice vs water detection  will now follow a test campaign by NIT to explore all the capabilities offered by this camera. Read more…



 Electronic innovation in pyrotechnics
Within the next 2 years, TETHYS will enter into partnership to further develop the value chain with an additional SME to be involved as a production partner. Read more…


Enabling the Internet of Rings
Thanks to the investment in the connected Boxing Glove demonstrator, Sportcom is now entering into the digitization era of Boxing and a new company Moovlab. Read more…

F&P Robotics


Pressure-sensitive robots 
The technology demonstrated in the gateone-project will allow F&P Robotics to become a game changer in their industry by providing robots. Read more…



Smart Knee – Monitoring of rehabilitation progress

The demonstrator permits the company to sample products to develop its market. Budapest Hospital will be involved in the testing phase in order to start the validation approach. Read more…


heidi_4_350pxGet your clothes connected

The gateone-project supported to make a first step towards smart textiles. Thanks to the photovoltaics technology, the textile company has successfully integrated PV. Read more…


sucess5When higher agriculture yield is smart and ecologic

This collaboration between LETI and itk in the scope of the gateone-project provides a competitive advantage to itk. The availability of the demonstrator strengthened itk offer and support the setting-up of collaboration. Read more…


sucess6Multi Organ on Chip to improve the ROI of Drug Discovery

The gateone-project provides a unique framework of cooperation between the German SME and the Swiss Research and Technology Organisation. Read more…


success3Miniaturized thermocycler for POC system

AlphaSIP’s plan is to enter the market with reliable and easily recognizable technologies that contain a substantial degree of innovation. For this reason, the first product will be a desktop device that has a very robust performance. Read more…

Laulagun Bearings

sucess4Monitoring of windmill bearings

Marketing of the new bearings will start through discussion/negotiation with customer and evaluation “in the field” along 2017 to get the feedback from the windmill customers, followed by industrialisation. Read more…


Calling Mountain rescue with no network

The concept has been showcased to the Rescue teams and Alp’ride customers and received very positive feedbacks. The project successfully reached the gate 1 of the innovation cycle, and the partners are now in the final phase to build the product roadmap. Read more…