State of the art autonomy solutions for smart systems and connected device – April 28th at 1pm CEST

gateone-webinar-registration-1Energy management is one of the key challenges that will bring the expected added-value to next generation smart systems and connected devices. It has to be a core in new intelligent product designs.Join our webinar to learn more about available solutions that you can test in the course of gateone project, our co investment program of demonstrators.

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Smartization is in progress. It is a 54B€ innovation opportunity in 2020 for connected devices. (source: Yole Développement)

Even though the vision of IoT exists since 1999, our world is still in the infancy of the Smart Connected Objects. For a long time the internet of things has been limited to the connectivity of an object to the internet or a smartphone just as if adding connectivity alone could be sufficient to deliver value. Inventors and designers have now understood that being successful in IoT requires a deeper analysis and face numerous challenges to deliver a useful service to make our life easier rather than more complicated.

The current technical approach for hardware is made of hybrid integration of off-the-shelf components. This allows a fast design cycle and short time to market. The counterpart is that designing hardware can be considered as easy and there is a real difficulty to show a real differentiation. The truth is that this will work for a first generation of products, but the level of integration in today’s product is minimal and much more sensors and intelligence are required to generate a meaningful information from our future IoT. This will be a hardware enabled service which cannot be envisaged without a serious change in the design approach.

Sensors, Packaging and Security issues are challenges that need to be addressed in next generation devices and the gateone portfolio has a very solid offer on all those aspects. We have chosen to launch our webinar series with the issue of Energy management and autonomy which is by far one of the most challenging aspect and can definitely bring differentiation.

Program of gateone-project webinar:

    1. Low power by design: a holistic approach to the energy management issue.
    1. Energy harvesting: vibration, light, rotation
    1. Energy storage: Thin film batteries and supercaps enabling new form factors
    1. Autonomous sensor networks: sensors with low or no power.
    1. Battery Management System

This event is open to those who are looking for a real differentiator in hardware.


Régis HAMELINCTO BLUMORPHO, gateone-project scientific coordinator
Guillaume GIRARDINYole Développement, Market analyst

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