Gateone-project demonstrator

Prototype” or “demonstrator” are words frequently used both in research department organizations and SMEs, but quite often with different meanings.
When a technology is validated at the lab level (TRL4), it is a technology demonstration.
Within the gateone-project we provide “functional demonstrator”. A functional demonstrator is a redesign of the technology demonstration considering a given use case. It permits to demonstrate a functionality with some target performances. Once the demonstrator is tested, the actual performances are compared to the target, which measures the effort required to move from lab to market.

GO demonstrator

Prototype testing : The demonstrator enables technology evaluation by SME

SMEs engaging into the gateone-project selects the adapted technology to fit with their requirements and to integrate it into a demonstrator for test, qualification and validation.

The demonstrator to prepare industrialization via the prototype qualification

The demonstrator enables also to assess how the product will be manufactured and contributes to prepare the industrialization process in reliance with ISO norms, good laboratory practices or FDA approval.
It is the first realization which permits the construction of a sourcing strategy.
A demonstrator is a key element in the innovation cycle since the SME can have a better understanding of the potential of a “technology offer” and can estimate the required effort to go to market.