Meet the gateone-project at conferences and trade fairs

EFECS: European Forum for Electronic Components and Systems

5-7 December 2017

EFECS is the international forum with a focus on ‘Our Digital Future’ along the Electronic Components and Systems value chain in Europe. The event is organized by AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA, EPoSS, ECSEL Joint Undertaking and the European Commission.

During EFECS, gateone-project will showcase its newest success stories. Participants can directly test these smart systems’ demonstrators on the booth of project.

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Eurosensors Conference

3-6 September 2017

EUROSENSORS Conference is a forum for scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and industry to present their latest results in the field of Sensors, Actuators, Microsystems and Nanosystems. Scientific sessions have covered topics like microfabrication, physical sensors, chemical sensors, biological sensors, wirless sensor etworks, energy harvesting, embedded systems, …

The gateone-project partner LAAS CNRS was present with a booth where they showcased their technologies involved in the gateone demonstrators.

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VTT Sense’17 Seminar

6-7 April 2017

VTT’s Sense’17 seminar will gather sensing industry leaders for a two-day seminar in Espoo, Finland to discuss innovations and future visions in sensing technologies, analysis, measurement and digitalisation.

Demonstrators supported by the gateone-project will be exhibited at the project’s booth. For more information please continue on the event website.

Smart Systems Integration 2017

8-9 March 2017

Smart Systems Integration is the international communication platform for research institutes and manufacturers to exchange know-how on Smart Systems Integration and to create the basis for successful research cooperations with focus on Europe. In 2017, the conference will take place in Cork.

Régis Hamelin will hold a presentation about the gateone-project. Please find more information here.

European Nanoelectronics Forum 2016

23-24 November 2016

The European Nanoelectronics Forum (ENF) is an important annual event for nanoelectronics stakeholders, from industry to academics and policy makers. Each year, the Forum attracts around 300 participants. In addition to the ENF event, a dedicated Workshop is organised for FP7 and Horizon 2020 project participants. Interested parties are also invited to compete in the “Competitive Electronics Innovation Award”.

The gateone-project will be part of the project village.

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IoT Planet 2016

25-27 October 2016

This year, the four Smart Anything Everywhere Innovation Actions join forces to show their success stories to the international audience of the IoT Planet and the SEMICON Europa. Visit booth #117 and experience live demonstrations of smart product innovations in different application areas like agriculture, consumer, … developed by research organizations for the benefit of SMEs all around Europe.

The IoT Planet 2016 is an international trade show co-located with the SEMICON Europa 2016 offering visitors the unique opportunity to visit and meet the full electronic value chain, from core technology to software, final applications and connected objects.

Find more information on our event page for the IoT Planet 2016.


Smart systems integration & smart objects: how to enable a ‘fast track to manufacturing’ in Europe

19 October 2016

The workshop will review barriers inhibiting pull-through into manufacturing of technology advances in smart integrated systems and smart objects in Europe, existing and emerging innovation models and concepts which address these challenges and their applicability in the European setting, as well as potential measures to help build scalable innovation models/programmes to facilitate cost-effective, low volume and flexible production of smart systems/objects in Europe.

During the session on “Horizontal measures to stimulate SSI/SO manufacturing”, Régis Hamelin, Scientific Coordinator of the gateone-project, will provide the “EU example on stimulating take-up of SSI/SO technologies: Lessons from EU”.

The workshop is organised by the European Commission, DG CONNECT, Directorate Digital Industry, Unit Competitive Electronics Industry. Please find further information here.

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Photonex 2016

12-13 October 2016

PHOTONEX is the UK’s largest showcase event dedicated to photonics and light technologies. The event brings together all aspects of industry and research, helping visitors develop strong business relationships, research solutions, examine applications for photonics in academia, research and technology for manufacturing.

Teesside University, consortium partner within the gateone-project, is exhibiting cavity enhanced absorption spectrometry (CEAS) and ammonia demonstrators developed in the gateone-project. They will demonstrate different platforms for CEAS technology, exploited by Anasyst Ltd, a spin-out specialising in novel analytical systems using optical and electrochemical transduction

Visit gateone-project and Teesside University at booth C24!



April 2016

Setup under the frame of the EUREKA Swedish Chair (2015-2016), the EUREKA Innovation Week 2016 in Stockholm combines the strategically important areas of the EUREKA network including international collaboration and with a specific focus on Smart Cities with B2B meetings, high level key note speakers, and the EUREKA Innovation Award Ceremony. During the Innovation Week you will have the opportunity to meet, share ideas, interact and discuss with stakeholders from European industry, SMEs, academy, policymakers, representatives from regional and local authorities and many more. You will also have the opportunity to visit interesting Smart City Projects at the exhibition and on site in the greater Stockholm area.



March 2016

The gateone-project will be presented at the International Conference and Exhibition on Smart Systems Integration (SSI) which will take place in Munich on 9-10 March 2016. For further information please contact:


December 2015

BioFIT is the leading partnering event in Europe for Open Innovation, technology transfer and collaborative research in the field of Life Sciences, with the highest attending rate of academia, TTOs and research institutes together with big pharma, emerging and small biotech companies, medtech and diagnostics companies.

    • Engage new partnerships
    • Foster the emergence of collaborative projects
    • Intensify the flow of licenses in the field of life sciences

EPoSS General Assembly & Annual Forum 2015

October 2015 in Leuven, Belgium

EPoSS is an industry-driven policy initiative, defining R&D and innovation needs as well as policy requirements related to Smart Systems Integration and integrated Micro and Nanosystems. EPoSS is contributing to EUROPE 2020, the EU’s growth strategy for the coming decade, to become a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy.
Meet the gateone-project during the EPoSS/MNBS annual forum
On the 12th at 1:30pm, don’t miss the session dedicated the Smart Anything Everywhere session where the gateone-project will be presented, and meet us in our booth during the whole duration of the event.

Read the full program of the event

IoT day in Lisbon

October 2015

ICT 2015 conference will provide information about the new Commission policies and initiatives with regard to Research & Innovation in ICT. The three conference days are organised around:

    • plenary sessions, with the participation of EC Commissioners, MEPs, industry leaders and visionaries in the field of ICT;
    • information sessions about theHorizon 2020 Work Programme 2016-17;
    • thematic parallel sessions dedicated to defined topics.

Participation of Géraldine Andrieux to a panel discussion during the IoT day in Lisbon (organised by Digital Catapult)


September 2015 in Krakow, Poland

The COMS 2015 consists of tracks about entrepreneurship, and about science, applications and market opportunities for enabling micro- and nanotechnologies.

The Conference consists of three main streams:

    • Presentation of scientific/research latest results with possible commercialization potential or great impact on state-of-the-art in the field of micro/nanosystems and sensors. Poster presentations will be preferred
    • A review of marketable solutions, methods and effects of commercialization of micro/nanosystems and sensors. Exhibition and oral presentations are welcome.
    • Visions and future discussion. Several aspects of expected rapid exponential growth of micro/nanosysems and sensors markets will be discussed by recognized world-class specialists. Invited oral talks only.

Silicon Saxony day

July 2015

On 7 July 2015, the Silicon Saxony Community will get together for the 10th Silicon Saxony Day in Dresden. This event serves as the major meeting point of the Silicon Saxony e.V. members and representatives from high-tech industries, science, research and public institutions at the business location Silicon Saxony as well as of our European cluster partners from France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria.

BLUMORPHO participated to Silicon Saxony Days as representatives of the gateone-project, on 7th of July 2015, in Dresde Germany.

RF & Microwave

March 2015

The lounge radiofrequency, microwave, wireless, EMC and Fibre Optics.

Smart Anything Everywhere event in Grenoble

March 2015

Smart phones, smart watches or smart TVs are just a few of the new products that are entering our daily lives. The functionalities of more and more objects are increased by digital components hidden inside. For instance, smart offices can turn off the lights when nobody is in the office, or a car can brake automatically when it notices an obstacle. As an answer to these new changes, the European Commission proposed the creation of a ‘Smart Anything Everywhere’ (SAE) Initiative.


February 2015

Pervasive and embedded computing and communication is a paradigm that aims at providing trustworthy computing solutions and communication services all the time and everywhere. This entails the need for an interdisciplinary field of R&D that combines signal processing with computer hardware and software technologies, and utilizes and integrates pervasive, wireless, embedded, wearable and/or mobile systems. Applications range from ambient intelligence to ubiquitous multimedia, multidimensional signal processing, sensors, robotics, integrated communication systems and nanotechnologies. PECCS will bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners interested in the theory and applications in these areas.

H2020 Info Day

Janury 2015

Smart Cyber-Physical Systems, Digital Automation, Smart Anything Everywhere, ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs Initiatives, and Photonics Laser-based Production
Régis Hamelin will make a presentation of the 4 running Innovation Actions in the frame of Smart Anything Everywhere session on 1st December 2015.
See detailed agenda of H2020 Info Day.

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