Vertical business: Consumer, Cosmetics, Retail and logistics
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Skin Moisture Sensor Imaging This project is completed, please contact us if you want to have access to this demonstrator or for further information, contact us : hamelin@blumorpho.com You can also refer to the success story: https://www.gateone-project.eu/deliver-selective-sensing-vision.html The HyperCam detects skin hydration level to help in the choice of the adapted lotion or cream. This […]

Hypervision 3

Vertical business: Agrofood, Retail and logistics
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Food Safety Hyperspectral Imaging offers optical quantification, characterization, identification, discrimination, classification, detection of species/contaminants through narrow and contiguous bands. Hyperspectral imaging can detect evolution of food (fruits or meat) from the farm to the fork. It allows increased food safety. We offer MEMS hyperspectral imaging or Piezo hyperspectral imaging camera based on tunable filter in […]

RFID Booster

Vertical business: Retail and logistics

Super capacitor for Energy Management This supercapacitor combines the best possible approach. Atomic layer deposition of high K material combined with a 3D structure of the substrate will deliver the state of the art value of 220nF/mm² , the improvement of the aspect ratio will soon deliver 500nF/mm². We offer to demonstrate the capability of […]