Vertical business: Maritime industry, Medical devices, Water management
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MEMS Wireless Short-range Ultrasonic Communication Ultrasonic short range communication offers one solution for transmitting data at a low bit-rate (f.ex. sensor data) at a low power. The limited range for ultrasound transmission especially in air gives information security. Underwater communication fits particularly well well for ultrasounds because sound propagates with low attenuation in water. We […]

Pressure MEMS

Vertical business: Automotive and transport, Equipement and industrial tools, Maritime industry

MEMS differential pressure sensor We offer the evaluation of a pressure sensor for medium pressure ranges (till 25 bar) and 250°C ambient temperature. The differential pressure sensor consists of a micro-machined silicon diaphragm with piezo-resistive strain gauges made from polycrystalline silicon. The resistors are connected as a Wheatstone Bridge. The output of the bridge is […]

Smart Wave

Vertical business: Maritime industry

Fitness and Well Being Smart Wave is a miniature wireless system capable of tracking motion in the marine environment. Smart Wave systems can analyse wave-height and wave-frequency and transmit the data wirelessly to a monitoring station. Applications include monitoring of buoys, fish farms, marine moorings and energy generation systems.