Acoustic SHM4 Infras

Vertical business: Building, Urban and cities management

MEMS Acoustic Emission sensors for Civil Infrastructures Condition Monitoring AE sensors are passive highly sensitive listening devices of the sound of failure (stress waves produced by sudden structure changes) occurring in materials and structures. We offer resonant MEMS based AE sensors. The offer includes the packaging of the MEMS + integration with electronics into probe […]

HyperVision 2

Vertical business: Building, Consumer, Defense and security, Industrial instrumentation and process control
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Gas Leaks detection and Visualisation Hyperspectral imaging can detect gas leak and identify gas in homes or industrial environment by pointing a camera on the system to be monitored. We offer MEMS hyperspectral imaging or Piezo hyperspectral imaging camera based on tunable filter in the visible region or near infrared. The offer includes the Fabry-Perot […]

HyperVision 1

Vertical business: Building, Industrial instrumentation and process control, Urban and cities management
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Mold Sensor Analyzer Mold in home, school, or workplace can pose a number of serious health problems that people may not realize are related to mold exposure. As many as 40 percent of American schools and 25 percent of US homes have mold infestations, unbeknownst to the people occupying those buildings. Hyperspectral Imaging detects and […]

ZPS-Into the WALL

Vertical business: Building
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Moisture monitoring in building Many infrastructures (home, building, storage places, schools) suffer from moisture damage (i.e molding) over time. Continuous automated monitoring of temperature and humidity could prevent and limit the damages. With a portable reader, professionnels or inhabitants could follow those parameters with time and be able to step in sooner in case of […]

Harvest and Load

Vertical business: Building, Equipement and industrial tools
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Super capacitor for Energy Management These supercapacitors combine Atomic layer deposition of high K material with a 3D structure of the substrate to deliver the state of the art value of 220nF/mm², the increase of the aspect ratio will soon deliver 500nF/mm². We offer to demonstrate the capability of state of the art supercaps in […]