Pressure MEMS

Vertical business: Automotive and transport, Equipement and industrial tools, Maritime industry

MEMS differential pressure sensor We offer the evaluation of a pressure sensor for medium pressure ranges (till 25 bar) and 250°C ambient temperature. The differential pressure sensor consists of a micro-machined silicon diaphragm with piezo-resistive strain gauges made from polycrystalline silicon. The resistors are connected as a Wheatstone Bridge. The output of the bridge is […]


Vertical business: Automotive and transport, Consumer, Energy, Equipement and industrial tools, Urban and cities management
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Battery Management System (BMS) This battery Management System is a radical new approach for energy storage and conversion. The concept exploits the modular construction of batteries and commutes quickly to deliver a safe and programmable battery. It can find applications in all Battery operated devices, from handheld tools, electric vehicles to Street lights .


Vertical business: Automotive and transport

Wireless Sensor Network CYBERNET (CPS) is a wireless sensor platform and a remote monitoring Cloud mini-SCADA for supervising, controlling, monitoring and responding in the everyday running of machinery, fleets, factories, facilities, industrial processes etc. The WSN comes equipped with the sensors of choice, powering and robust wireless for harsh environments and with a time synchronisation […]