Ammonia sensing

Vertical business: Agrofood, Industrial instrumentation and process control
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Ammonia sensing in Poultry House The demonstrator is based on significant previous laboratory studies on a sensitive and highly selective optical dye based ammonia sensor. The demonstrator will convert the laboratory system into a compact, battery-powered ammonia sensor system with wireless capability for air quality monitoring in poultry rearing houses. There is no existing competing […]

Hypervision 3

Vertical business: Agrofood, Retail and logistics
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Food Safety Hyperspectral Imaging offers optical quantification, characterization, identification, discrimination, classification, detection of species/contaminants through narrow and contiguous bands. Hyperspectral imaging can detect evolution of food (fruits or meat) from the farm to the fork. It allows increased food safety. We offer MEMS hyperspectral imaging or Piezo hyperspectral imaging camera based on tunable filter in […]

Sonograph / NDT

Vertical business: Agrofood, Industrial instrumentation and process control, Water management
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Particle size and amount counter in fluids This miniaturised Ultra Sound Transducer enables sonography which can be used in food inspection or into a Non destructive Testing concept. The component is a Capacitive Micromachined Ultrasound Transducer (CMUT) working from 10 to 50MHz, the miniaturisation enables handheld light and battery operated systems to be used in […]


Vertical business: Agrofood

Probes QCLab is a microdevice of in-situ quality analysis in food applications by electrochemical detection. QCLab provides a solution for controlling the quality of products, which can have an impact in selling price or estimation of remaining shelf-live. The device consists of a polymer needle with electrodes, which have immobilized reagents for direct measurement of […]