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Silicon Capacitors for non-Volatile Memories



ANVO Systems is providing their clients with solutions to protect the data generated by their exploitation systems even in case of power shutdown. To do so, they are associating an external capacitor with their proprietary non-volatile SRAM. However, the semiconductor company had the ambition to deliver a stand-alone solution that would integrate the energy storage in the package. This co-packaging approach can only be made possible if a very high-density capacitor is available. This new version would also permit a full compliance of the pinout with the market standards. The problem is that there is no capacitor commercially available that can be small enough and store the required amount of energy.

Fraunhofer IPMS has developed a design and process that combines high-K material deposition and a 3D configuration that permits to achieve record capacitance values. The challenge was to demonstrate the expected energy density storage capability which meant to break a record in capacitance density. 


Fraunhofer IPMS: Semiconductor capacitors, atomic layer deposition, conformal deposition of high-K material on 3D structure, 300 mm semiconductor processing.


Thanks to the Gateone-project, they were able to beat this record by shifting from a 2D to a 3D technology using atomic layer deposition of high-K material on structured substrates. With their silicon capacitor, they increase their memory capacity from 100 nF/mm2 to 500 nF/mm2. Their new technology is now available in 300mm which makes the solution immediately available in an industrial standard. This approach is the only acceptable format to produce at the expected cost.


 By meeting this technical and economical challenge a new product can hit the market in a short timeframe.  This new approach will open new market opportunities for ANVO Systems for an accessible market estimated to at least one million euros. The company and the research organisation are now planning the productization phase of this concept.

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