Acoustic SHM4 Industry

Vertical business: Defense and security, Industrial instrumentation and process control

MEMS Acoustic Emission sensors for Chemical, Gas, Oil Industry Condition Monitoring

AE sensors are passive highly sensitive listening devices of the sound of failure (stress waves produced by
sudden structure changes) occurring in materials and structures. We offer resonant MEMS based AE
sensors. The offer includes the packaging of the MEMS + integration with electronics into probe packaging.


What it does
  • On-line inspection
    and structural health monitoring of the following equipments during their normal operation: Chemical
    reactors / Tubular heat exchanges / Distillation towers / Process piping / Steam piping / Heaters /
    Deaerators / Gas pressure vessels and piping / Ammonia storage tanks and piping / Glass-lined reactors,
    piping and pressure vessels.

Benefit for users
  • Full Solution available: application specific software to be developed
  • Highly sensitive MEMS solution enables low power operation

  • High maturity
  • Production capability

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