gateone-project is a co investment program of demonstrators
5.3 M€ grant as investment from the EC
180 M€ revenue targeted in 2021
700 SMEs
44 investment decisions
23 demonstrators delivered

Almost all the demonstrator budget has been allocated. Benefit from the last two opportunities
to participate in the demonstrator evaluation.

Collaborate with leading European experts

Join a European network to optimize partnerships and consider financial support so you can optimize and accelerate your innovation process while reducing risks. Demonstrators fitting with your expectations are made available so you can test innovative solutions and define if they meet your requirements

Access to unique portfolio of smart solutions

Intelligent systems, high connectivity, personalized solution, autonomous systems, robotics… Those solutions and many more are made available to European SMEs through the gateone-project. Whether you are looking for specific smart functions or new solutions in specific industry, gateone-project is here to support you

•  You are a European SME
•  You are ready to engage into innovation
•  You are interested in smart solutions from sensing to connectivity and more
•  You are looking for a reactive funding
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